What cause the communication breakdown between children and parent? How to improve relationship with children? Why children need to pick up soft skills? help children

Children are one of the most precious gifts that every parent has in their life. We work hard and try to making more money so that we can give the best to our children. Best education, shelter, food and many more! However, due to generation gap, often we have hard time to communicate effectively with our children. Despite our good intention, our children simply fail to listen to us.

Some of the reasons lead to breakdown of communications between children and parent is as follows:

1) Lack of time-Due to the economy reason, both father and mother need to working and often have to work for long hours so that the family has enough money to meet living expenses. As a result, the parent lack of time to communicate with their children.

2) Ineffective communication skills-Parent themselves often refuse and fail to understand what is inside their children head. They often impose their value and belief to their children. The parent fails to lend listening ear to their children when the children are wanted to share their thinking! This is like one way communication!

3) Peer Pressure-The classmates and friends of children often have greater impact on children than their parent, this is because they spend more time with their peer than parent. Their peer is more willing to lend listening ear to the children. Therefore, the children consciously or unconsciously pick up limiting beliefs, bad habits from their peer!

The ineffective communications often leads to negative impact to the children. They become unmotivated in their life, lack of self-confidence, poor grade in their school and do not know how to communicate effectively with people and so on! The limiting beliefs and poor communication skills also negatively affect them after they join working life. They struggle in life, unhappy in life, lack of motivation!

The parent can improve the relationship by spend more quality time with the children. They need to lend listening ear to the children. They need to understand that effective communication is not one waycommunication. It involved feedback from the children as well.


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